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CMedVS is an American company with off-shore staff – we understand medical billing and we understand American business. > Learn More


From charge entry to insurance follow-up, CMed can provide you the right experienced medical billing team for the task. > Learn More

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No long-term commitments – add or subtract hours as your business needs change. And we charge only for hours worked – no need to purchase a full FTE. > Learn More


New to outsourcing? Looking to improve an existing outsourcing relationship? Schedule an introductory call to learn how CMedVS can help. > Learn More

An American company with off-shore staff – we understand medical billing and American business. CMedVS was founded in 2005 by American business executives looking to bring the benefits of a global workforce to the US medical billing industry. Because we’re an American company with off-shore staff – not an off-shore company with a token American presence – we understand both medical billing and the American business environment. We minimize the communication and cultural disconnects so common in outsourcing relationships and ensure that your specific needs are fully addressed. Our staff are skilled, experienced and dedicated. We work with virtually all medical specialties and all billing platforms. Most importantly, we follow your billing rules and processes to ensure all work is performed to your specifications and standards. Our headquarters and executive management are located in Silver Spring, MD – just outside Washington, DC. Our production offices are located in Shanghai, China, and Chennai, India.


Whether it’s charge entry, payment posting or more complex insurance follow up and denials management, CMedVS can provide you just the right experienced medical billing team to supplement your staff and help improve your operations. Maximum Flexibility – Staff Available On Demand  Unlike with on-site staff, you can add or subtract CMed Virtual Staff as your business needs change.   Bring on a new client with significant start-up requirements? Add some additional virtual staff members for a few months. Start-up requirements are completed? Remove those extra staff members from your team and dial down to only the number of staff you need for ongoing operations. You decide what you need based on your changing business needs and your client requirements.

Effective Outsourcing An effective outsourcing relationship supplements – not replaces – your existing staff. We work with both first-time clients and clients experiencing challenges with an current outsourcing partner. We understand how to integrate with your business processes to make your staff more effective and improve the quality of your billing work and the financial performance of your company. Our staff can perform any and all aspects of medical billing:

  • Demographic Entry
  • Charge Entry and Review
  • Payment Posting
  • Denials Management
  • Insurance Claim Follow-up
  • Quality Control Audits

We can provide you just the right experienced medical billing team – giving you the ability to pick and choose functional areas selectively. This flexibility allows billing company owners, CEO’s and operations executives to augment their own employees with one or more services exactly where needed.


If you have questions or would like additional information, please give us a call at 301-591-3878 or 877-747-7177.

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