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Service We Offer

Insurance carriers frequently deny claims improperly or fail to respond to claims at all. Your internal employees therefore are forced to spend an inordinate number of hours following up on unpaid claims.

Over time, an accumulation of small problems can result in a significant increase in accounts receivable (A/R) and diminished cash flow to the practice. Investing more employee time and cost is usually not a realistic option.

Our Insurance Follow-Up Service solves A/R problems for medical billing companies

  1. Our billing team performs any or all claims follow-up for you
  2. Pricing is per hour of production with no additional fees
  3. We access your claims data via spreadsheet or A/R report (you send us)
    or you can have us login to your billing system to perform the work

Process Overview

  • Initial review of A/R report for obvious errors and potential corrections e.g. format of insurance ID
    doesn’t match carrier; submission to non-local BCBS plan; failure to apply CCI edits
  • Research claim through carrier website & phone calls to carrier
  • Annotate follow-up report with research results
  • Annotate claim in the billing system with research results
  • Return instructions to client or take appropriate action in billing system (if access has been provided) pursuant to specific practice rules. For example, write off properly denied claim;
    re-queue / resubmit claim with appropriate and approved modifications; bill patient for COB

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